T-bolt, manufactured from solid metal. A nut for T-slots turns into a T-bolt, by screwing in a setscrew and sticking, locking, or welding it. These T-Bolts are specifically designed to reliably withstand strong torque and generally used in heavy machine industries.

Product Range Standards Material Property Type Threads Grade Mechanical properties
4 MM to 16 MM DIN7992, DIN26, DIN188, DIN78, CSN 021343, PN 82418, High Tensile As Per Requirement Metric, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, and as per costumers requirement. SAE 10B21, SAE 15B25, SAE 15B41, AISI 4140,4135, As Per Requirement
Mild Steel SAE1008 / SAE1010 / SAE 1018
Stainless Steel SS202, SS304, SS316, SS316L
Brass CUZN 40 / CUZN 37
Copper C 11000
Phosphorus Bronze CUSN 4, CUSN 5
Silicon Bronze CDA65100